I graduated University of Bahçeşehir – Faculty of Communications and Department of Advertising.
I started my career with Copywriting and Graphic Design, in the early years of the university.
I love to learn new things so I started to design websites.
I improved my design skills after some terrible designs and started to design better websites.
I thought web design is not enough for me and started to learn some coding.
I improved my coding skills for Front-End Development.
I made some static websites until my customers started to insist they want a back office for their websites.
I decided to use WordPress as a back-end development tool.
Now, I make web design, front-end development, and back-end development like a superhero

I love french press coffee and drink 3-4 cups in a day.
I like to play video games and a fan of Fifa.
I don’t want to be a fat man with a Mac above his fat belly, so I spend nearly 10 hours in a gym every week.